Our experienced technicians are industry specialists and understand the workflow of
creative companies. From new office buildouts to IT support, AnimationTech collaborates with you to create innovative solutions so you can be more productive.


New Office Buildout

We can build whole networks for
your VFX project from the ground up.
We consult on office space, internet,
power, cabling, and much more to
reduce costs and optimize system

Office Moves

Moving offices is a time-consuming
process, especially with a lot of hardware.
Let us plan and assist your office move
to ensure the safety of your technology.

Refresh Service

Got a cluttered corner with old equipment?
An overflowing storage room?
We can help sell that old equipment,
create more space, and save money.


Onsite Support

Whether we’re setting up a new workstation, fixing a software problem or checking for security issues, AnimationTech is here for you and your company. Our Tech Team can:

  • Configure & Troubleshoot Hardware
  • Server Maintenance
  • Monitor Servers
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Resolve Software Issues

In an industry that’s fast-paced, a single issue can interrupt productivity. We keep ourselves accessible so your project can run smoothly. We use our ticketing system to respond efficiently and immediately. We remote into your desktop, provide direct support, and troubleshoot software.

Remote Support


Render Management

We set up render farms so
you can save time and have
an efficient render process.

Imaging Services

We pre-configure programs and
applications according to your
preferences so you’re ready to go
when your computer arrives.

VoIP & Internet

We analyze your VoIP and Internet
bill to see if there is a better, cost-
effective setup. We also set
up wifi and access points.

Network Cabling

We can run CAT 6/7 and fiber
network cables for your
whole studio’s needs.
Whether it’s for a new buildout
or add-on network
cables for converted rooms.

Equipment Upgrade

If you realize your equipment is
running slow, our techs can
help pinpoint possible upgrades to
increase speed and efficiency.

Cable Management

Dangling cables under your desk
can get in the way of your creative
space. We organize and clean up
mass cables to prevent damage
and tangled cords.


A very common request that we handle is private project requirements. Clients land a confidential project and give us a list of security standards. Our team ensures that you have all the equipment to pass your audit and assist you during your project.

  • Secured Network Buildout
  • Encryption
  • Door Security
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Servers & Workstations
  • Onsite Tech