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Video Editing Computer Rentals

The film industry’s top-line producers, studio executives, and editors know that the ability to scale up and down VFX and editing operations is crucial to getting projects done on time. Renting the video editing equipment, you need when you need it is where we come in to be an extended part of your team!

For well over a decade, we continue to provide high-performance workstations, render nodes, monitors, and much more to complete your studio’s setup. We cater to film, post-production, and creative professionals, and we have the expertise to help you scale your equipment to the size of your project.

When you land that big project, you can trust our team to help you get the right equipment you need to complete the project on time.

Apple Rentals

Whether you need iMac Pros, Mac Pro Towers, MacBooks, or even iPads, we are your first choice for renting top-of-the-line Apple computer products. Choose from a wide range of models, in a variety of configurations including the latest iMac and Macbook Pros with the M1 chip. We also have several 27” iMacs with 5K Retina displays to choose from to meet your editing rental needs.

Intel & AMD Workstations

When it comes to Intel or AMD computer models, we have a great range of workstations, from the 64-Core Threadripper to the Intel i9-9900K. Choose from several RAM, storage, and video card upgrade options to maximize your editing workflow. Pair it with a dual monitor setup or Wacom tablet and check out the latest RTX 3000 series graphic cards we have available!

GPU AMD Threadripper 3970X1

Multi-GPU Workstations & Render Nodes

Our rendering systems are built to be compatible with Octane Render, Redshift, V-ray, and Deadline. These render farms are available in 12 to 64 core configurations and include speedy workhorses like the GPU AMD Threadripper 3990X, which features four 2080 Ti GPUs. We can spec out the storage, video cards, and RAM to your individual needs.

Monitors, Cintiqs & Wacom Tablets

Having that extra screen “real estate” is often the key to a smooth and effective workflow. We have a wide variety of 4K and HD monitors available from 25 to 28 inches from top manufacturers like Dell, ASUS, and BenQ. For your team of animators, we have the Wacom Cintiq 22HD which includes a pressure-sensitive grip pen, pen stand, and adjustable stand. For your other creative artists, we also have the medium Wacom Intuos Pro tablets which include the Pro Pen 2.

Backup & Storage Rentals

We have a variety of storage and backup solutions to meet your every need. We feature products from Supermicro, Synology, and Avid. Contact us today with the specs you need for your next project setup!

Networking Rentals

As your storage, production, and editing equipment needs to scale, your networking needs may follow. With rentals like Netgear 16-Port 10-Gigabit switch and Netgate pfSense Firewalls, you can stay connected when your production operations grow.

Rent longer, Save more

Some projects take longer than others. With our long-term discounts, the longer your rental period, the more you save.

3-month rentals receive a 10% discount.
6-month rentals receive a 20% discount.
12-months or longer rentals will receive a 35% discount.

We all know the exact timing of a project can be unpredictable. All of our rental terms can be easily extended when needed.

Providing Video Editing Computer Rentals for Over 10 Years

AnimationTech is the industry professional’s choice for workstations, Macs, Monitors, Wacom tablets, and more. Contact us today for more information. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and expertise so you can create your best quality work.


Welcome! If you’re new to AnimationTech and have not rented with our team before, our rental policy requires the following in order to rent our equipment:

• All new clients are required to send an account application along with their rental request. Click here to submit a quick application with your rental request.

• We require a copy of your Certificate of Insurance. Click here to view all our COI requirements and a sample COI.

• The first payment for the rental request will need to be submitted before receiving the rental equipment from our office. For our rentals, there are no credit card processing fees!

A team member receives your application and request once you click submit! We will reach out to you via email within the next business day. Please keep in mind that prices, configurations, and availability change daily.
At this time we do not offer weekly or daily rates. All our rentals have a one-month minimum rate requirement, you may return the rental sooner, but the rate will remain the same.

Depending on the location, we offer same-day or next-day delivery, shipping, or pick up at our office.

If you’re a new client and this is your first time renting with us, click here to submit a quick
account application along with the rentals you’re interested in!

A team member receives your application and request once you click submit! We will reach out
to you via email within the next business day. Please keep in mind that prices, configurations,
and availability change daily.

No worries! You don’t need to put in a request for a rental extension. Rentals can automatically be extended for however long your team may need them. After the first month, we prorate the rental cost based on the day the rentals are returned to our office.