User administration

Rental Price: 117.00

Actual Price: 2,096.95

24/7 Assistance

Since your digital platforms operate 24/7, it’s obvious for you to need assistance the same way. Get world class services and seamless performance for all kinds of system requirements anytime.

A Single Point Of Contact

Comprehensive administration solutions that simultaneously handles all the pivotal IT system requirements for hardware, software, and networks as in a complete Enterprise Management system.

AnimationTech provides User Administration services for IT organizations and Corporate Events in Los Angeles and New York. Living up to the core essentials of Enterprise Cloud Computing, we take the comprehensive responsibility of administering multi-faceted digital applications within enterprises.

We can accompany you on corporate events, trade shows, demonstrations, and short term projects with dedicated assistance. We also cater to start-ups and SMEs, for setting up a dynamic and agile workflow system.

As decision makers get entwined with the critical elements of growth and development, we facilitate their wide-ranging IT activities with a cohesive administrative ecosystem. Working our way through responsibilities of efficient data storage solutions, global settings, vendor mapping, analyzing and managing system logs, administering end-user accounts, troubleshooting reported issues and constantly monitoring the health and performance of servers, and many other system requirements across various networks. We ensure complete harmony in terms of system administration to side with you on your endeavors constantly.

Get high-efficient and precise Computer Performance, without your direct active involvement. You can concentrate on other goals of your services, while our highly qualified and adept System Administrators work dedicatedly with you and your staff. We can also collaborate with any outsourced company you have added to your entourage or created a new department.

A One Stop Solution Omnipresent System Administration Requirements

We are ready to work on a multitude of platforms and frameworks, such as SAP, Oracle, Unix/Linux, etc. In addition, we simultaneously end up building for you basic security and progressive Operational Practices. Our dynamic management criterion aides you with omnipresent solutions, ranging from creating user groups, assigning end-users, managing system properties, user sessions, and all the essential factors expected from a definitely managed environment.

With our practical features of 24/7 Tech Support and dedicated professional resources, we give you proactive solutions, when and how you need them. We can also provide technology rentals for short term requirements.

Our Supported Technology

  • SAP Administration
  • Oracle Administration
  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows