USB device management

Rental Price: 117.00

Actual Price: 2,096.95

Centralized Management For USB Access Ports

Easy to use and operate centralized USB Management Services helps enterprises prevent cyber threats and risks of data loss, from unknown USB access points.

Personalized Solutions For Events And Enterprises

Our technology rentals and managed services are personalized to your core requirements. We deliver ideal resources of USB device management for industrial events and enterprises.

With the growing usage of computer devices at dynamic levels, enterprises are largely vulnerable to unprecedented security threats across widespread digital platforms. The main cyber risks being spreading of network viruses and loss or theft of data. Such security threats directly impact on business applications and at times can be crucial for organizations.

USB Device Management System involves monitoring, controlling and preventing access from all kinds of unknown USB ports like data sticks and wired devices, as well as different peripheries of wireless connections to computer systems. This technology radically ensures stringent protection against cyber infections and security threats. Moreover, you can also be empowered with security alerts from multiple sources of network hardware and applications, with real-time network monitoring solutions. This way you can generate data security logs and reports, that can help you sustain regulatory compliances and stay ahead of reputational risks due to leakage of sensitive data.

Managed Services For Network Access Protection

ApplicationTech is a provider of technology rentals and administrative services of USB Device Management to enterprises in Los Angeles and New York. We focally cater to organize conferences, trade shows, and industrial events. IT start-ups and SMEs are also welcome to experience flexible outsourcing benefits of managed services.

Providing you the most valuable resources of multi-layered Network Access Protection, we at AnimationTech ensure your organization is safe from data loss, malware and risks of data thefts. With our intelligent and powerful USB lockdown systems and methodologies, we help you carry out security information and event management (SIEM) roles with need-based solutions. Set restrictions at varying levels of operation across multiple departments and groups of end-users. With the core features of Granular Configuration Automation, you can have complete control over your organization and/or events. Be able to monitor check-in and check-out points from various sources, manage event registrations, have an improved event attendee engagement, justify your event spend. Thus, you can accomplish both enriched customer support and organizational harmony.

  • Printers
  • Data Sticks
  • Mouse
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • CD-ROM
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi Routes

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows NT
  • Windows-Server 2016
  • Windows XP
  • VMware