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Conduct essential tasks for enterprise development with intelligent and intuitive technology. Built specifically for your application environments, accommodating seamless workflow automation.

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Efficacious User Profile Management software solutions that understand people and their user behaviors individually. Conduct numerous integrations in a controlled and independent manner.

Profile Management involves the entire process of personifying the user settings of a profile on particular end-user computing devices, such as PCs, mobiles and the likes, at any location across diverse networks and operating systems.

The vital areas of application include security of users from various kinds of cyber threats. Moreover, they are also responsible for running certain restrictive applications, such as registration key push messages and manage the properties of users in their profiles, such as credits, statements and personal data. The most essential function of Profile Management Software is to mesh into each device individually and seamlessly. The software should be able to sensitively manage all the complexities of profile storage, password generation, network access and other permissions oriented tasks, suiting up with diverse configurations, software environments and functionality of a particular device. This gives Profile Administrators total control over the user profiles, execute thematic applications for both built-in and external sources as covered under a sophisticated User Environment Management. Be secure with integrated technologies of rollback and recovery algorithms, KPI systems, Migration, Application Virtualisation and Cloud based applications.

AnimationTech brings you its own range of user profile management software for developing companies and organisations looking to establish a one time solution for core profile optimization goals. We design and engineer essential software living up to the suitability of unique frameworks and user environments that can cover multiple arenas under Windows OS and other virtual platforms. Corroborate with omnipresent attributes and consistent end-user experiences, all from a single profile.

With reasonable access to integrated desktop platforms powered with agile and end-user-efficient profile management systems, organisations can downsize cumbersome manual processes for administering minute tasks. This results in greater savings on support and infrastructure; thus leaves ample room for better ROI and more freedom of operation.

Aided with the assurance for critical elements, we make sure your servers are more secure with reduced risks of malware and other threats in the future, than they were in the past. Be able to access servers belonging to dispersed networks that are configured down to the core essentials as per the layout of the specific profile and the entire nature of conduct. Whether you are running a Web Application, Workflow Management, ERP and other software based profiles; we give you all the support you need at the right time, in the right form.

We offer Profile Management Software Solutions For Diverse Frameworks

  • Windows Environments
  • Citrix Virtual Apps

Roaming, Mandatory and Hybrid Profiles