Plan and implement infrastructure resources to meet changing business requirements, with all appropriate documentation for support and user education

Rental Price: 117.00

Actual Price: 2,096.95

Dedicated Project Manager

Have a dedicated project manager move with you, facilitating the growing business needs, with core infrastructure designing, and a secure blueprint for the complete success of your events and endeavors.

Experience Latest IT Technologies, With Hefty Investments

Having hands-on experience of using the latest IT technology doesn’t mean hefty investments for purchasing the hardware or software. Opt for a practical and flexible Technology Rental services for reduced costs, and optimized performance.

Are you ready to grow your business? Grow up from the Start-up stature? Are you ready to integrate? Changes are good, especially when you have a well planned, resolute objective.

Liberating the changing needs of ambitious businesses, their endeavours, and events,  AnimationTech provides ideal Infrastructure Resources of hardware, software, network solutions, and automation. This is edged with the backup of industry experts, helping you out with systematic designing, implementation and deploying of foolproof solutions architecture.

Have it your way, for either an end-to-end technology integration; or custom solutions that live up to specific areas of improvement.  Our prowess is to support IT events, like industrial conferences, trade shows, public demonstrations, etc. as well as IT start-ups based in the Los Angeles and New York City.

Bridging A Strong Gap Between Planning And Implementation

Our project managers will dedicatedly work with you through step by step process of IT consultation and creating a solutions architecture. They will visit the site of your event over again, assessing, documenting and imaging the whole infrastructure for everyone in the team to understand, all in a collaborative effort.

Rounding off the Planning and Architecture, we will configure your chosen Technology, to its position. Our Managed Services will ensure the 100% quality assurance for all the technology systems and infrastructure tools. Have a 24/7 support system for your deployed Technologies. Our system engineers can support through our Cloud-based platforms.

We ensure an all-encompassing single point of contact, facilitating all your requirement form a single console. Experience a sophisticated IT environment, optimizing your workflows and performance. All this without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

Our Core Services Include

  • IT consultation
  • Solutions Architecture Planning
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • 24/7 Remote Tech Support and vCIO services
  • Media Workflow solutions with Asset Management
  • Optimized Security Systems against Cyber Threats
  • Comprehensive Cloud Solutions for Virtualization and Server Consolidation