Identify your exact IT requirements and resolve them with targeted solutions

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Actual Price: 2,096.95

Bespoke Technology

Get the right kind of technology and IT infrastructure that is designed exactly as per needs and budget. Look ahead of hefty investments, with flexible dynamic IT solutions.

Solutions Architecture

Streamlined Solutions Architecture that includes every element of a concept when implementing foolproof IT infrastructure designs, and configuration practices.

The PC Fixer team has over a decade of experience in computer repair and service in the greater Los Angeles area. We are experts with all computers, both PC and Mac machines. We can handle any operating system, including the following:

The first step for constructing any IT infrastructure is to identify the core requirements of the endeavour and have an infallible plan for it. Sometimes technology users are not wholly conversant about latest advances or what more they can have within the same budget. This is where AnimationTech makes the effort to give our customers reliable solutions architecture for finding brilliant IT solutions at the best prices and convenience.

AnimationTech specializes in building bespoke temporary infrastructure for events and industrial conferences; we also provide on-demand technology and hardware rentals for IT Start-ups and SMEs.

We start with listening and working our way through in-depth consultation to learn about the client’s objectives and conceptualizing a project design that they can be satisfied with. We lay out the step by step process of setting up the IT infrastructure and technologies in a way so that the client can conceive the technicalities and prepare for it accordingly. This includes definite plans of schedules, delivery times, the time it will take to install and configure your chosen technology and so on. We will also give you elementary advice on how you can have the most out of our services, without going over budget.

We can act as a single point of contact, fulfilling your diverse technology requirements in its entirety. We can be dynamic when it comes to working alongside your in-house staff, an entire department or a third party entity whom you have outsourced or affiliated with. Therefore, substantially contribute to a network of professionals from varying backgrounds, implementing the mutual goal of making your event or endeavour a total success.

The Best Practices Of A Solution Architecture

At AnimationTech, we highly value an all-encompassing Solution Architecture, rigidly supporting initiatives and small scale endeavours at large. Being in the service for over a decade now, we are not only adept in project designing but also have the prowess to deliver sophisticated event technology and best practices that can be customized to your unique requirements.

Core Elements Covered Under A Typical Solutions Architecture

  • In-Depth Consultation About Endeavour With An Industry Expert
  • Project Designing, With Diagrams and Documentation; Including Every Element Of Your Objectives
  • Inspection Of HVAC/Power Requirements
  • Infrastructure Designing, including cabling, security access control, and other components
  • Office Relocation And Cable Cleanup Solutions