AnimationTech provides a sophisticated range of Video Access Control equipment by HikVision available on rent for Commercial and Residential usage in Los Angeles and New York. An essential product for adding security access control measures to infrastructures these integrated door station systems enable organizations and families to have optimal protection standards for their assets.

Rent For 2 Months, Get Free Usage For 7-Days

Our packages are based on tenures, giving you ample flexibility to operate on a need-based functionality, especially for short term inhibitions, long term projects, trade shows, and events.

At AnimationTech we value for your money and integrity, as we deliver absolute customer satisfaction in terms of transparent price policy and excellent value-added services that come with every package you purchase from us. Get up to 7days free usage, when you buy a package of 2 Months. Moreover, we will install, integrate and manage the equipment for you, so that you don’t have to. It’s all included under a one time quote.

About HikVision — The World’s Largest Manufacturer Of Video Surveillance Systems

HikVision is the world’s largest manufacturers of video surveillance systems, representing world-class Chinese design. The products are ideal for offices, showrooms, banks and other commercial enterprises as well as private homes, notably multistoried rented apartments, and hotels. The video intercom systems are TCP/IP, RTSP compatible that you can access and operate with various computer devices at once. Users can see and communicate with the people at the doorstep and outside of the secured periphery, therefore monitor every visitor before they are allowed in.

The core features that makes HikVision an easy to use and highly efficient security system is that it ropes in a substantial human communication, instead of incorporating an entirely mechanized protocol. The fact that callers can see and talk to each other prevents any hassling situation due to miscommunication. Added with their state-of-the-art HD video surveillance and intercom functionality, HikVision products offer a multitude of other features that make them the best of its kind. That includes :

● 1.3 MP HD Colorful Camera with CMOS
● HD video quality, with 120° wide-angle view; WDR and resolutions up to 1280×720 @25fps
● In-Build Card Reader
● Power Supply of 12 VDC
● Automatically Uploads captured images to iVMS-4200 Client or over FTP, at the time of door unlocking
● Door Magnetic Detection
● Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression

HikVision Security Cameras

Get sophisticated HikVision Security Cameras for commercial enterprises in Los Angeles and New York. We at AnimationTech provide comprehensive solutions for rental agreements that facilitate organizations to have practical cost-efficient security surveillance systems across their premises.

Video Surveillance technology has evolved drastically within the past couple of years. Traditional Analog CCTV cameras have long been integrated to high-end Network Cameras that can instantly stream and store your recordings on Cloud-based platforms. This enables you to have remote viewing experience over multiple computerized devices like mobile phones, desktops, and even smart watches. This way the organization can conduct omnipresent security standards, as they can monitor their vicinity on a wide angle, and be able to prevent and respond to unwanted security threats or have records of all movement within the organization, 24*7.

We provide client-specific packages owing up to core requirements of a project or event, curtailing unnecessary hardware or software additions and services. You can save from making huge hardware investments added with maintenance cost. Since electronics don’t have much of resale value, outsourcing or renting gives you a better scope of using the advanced latest technology, without much ado for undergoing an integration process. Rest assured as we conduct systematic processes of the on-site assessment, and budget-centric implementations, hassle-free professional installations and configuration jobs.

Experience World Class Video Security Surveillance By HikVision

Being the world’s largest producer of Video Surveillance Systems, HikVision is an expert in understanding the variation requirements of end-users. Their impressive Chinese manufacturing brings you systematically designed product ranges to meet core functionalities, as is needed by the customer. Aided with deep-learning algorithms, the cutting edge systems can do much more than other IP cameras. Be able to capture HQ pictures, in different lighting conditions, even when it’s pitch dark outside. With the reduced requirement for bandwidth and Cloud storage. An ideal choice for a multitude of application scenarios, with the HikVision Video Security in tow, you can proactively make decisions based on data-powered awareness of the situation at your property anytime and from anywhere.

We Offer A Wide Range Of HikVision Security Camera Systems Including:

● HikVision Pro Series featured with their unique “DarkFighter” technology
● Ultra Series (Including its versions of 3, 4 and 5 Series)
● Panoramic Series that provides for a brilliant panoramic wide-angle view of 180° and 360°

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