Follow IT procedures as established by our Services team

Rental Price: 117.00

Actual Price: 2,096.95

Comprehensive Infrastructure Security Over Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based managed services delivering all time access to constant security updates against unknown cyber threats. Deployed to on-premise DC of the customer or servers provided by us.

On-Site Support

Secure On-Site support of managed services having end-to-end coverage of a multitude of application and operational objectives of Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

As an essential attribute to go with our Technology Rental of Hardware, Software, and Middleware, we provide end-to-end Management of your Infrastructure. You can also gain our elaborate onsite assistance for your IT equipment and network systems, at both events and organizations.

The deliberate qualities of Managed Services are that you can have the best of top-tier industry experts lending you their range of expertise at a reduced cost than hiring an in-house team or department. The ideals of this system serve an excellent purpose for IT events and conferences. It gives enterprises that can have a sophisticated implementation of their networking, hardware operations with a cohesive ecosystem.

Inclusions And Benefits Of Managed Services Provided By AnimationTech

So how exactly do we help you? The core operations of our Managed Services focus on the dynamics of Security, Emergency Response, Technical Support, and Enterprise Architecture. Our services are personalized to your requirements, aided for better performance and accelerated productivity for your pipeline.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management – We conduct Remote Monitoring of the Performance and Heath of various layers of your infrastructure, workstations, and servers. We trace, identify and resolve any critical as well as non-critical issues in any of your equipment and/or networks.
  • Security – Conduct asset management, cybersecurity, and stringent access control solutions, we ensure all your online databases; files and objects are safe with offline backup.
  • Emergency Response & Support – Emergencies are indispensable when it comes to IT infrastructures, and we make the collaborative efforts to save you from data loss, system failures and other critical issues with a lightning fast aid.
  • Enterprise Architecture – documenting the essential elements of your Enterprise Architecture that gives you complete control over your organization and endeavors.
  • Technical and Support – never say no to response when we have the collective efforts of Virtual CIOs, Expert Systems Administrators on-call and a proactive 1-tier and 2-tier tech support, prepared to support you 24/7.