AnimationTech provides comprehensive solutions of structured Network Data Cabling for IT sectors, Network Provider and Telecommunication industries in Los Angeles and New York. We cater to service level agreements and events delivering complete satisfaction and operational harmony across businesses, enterprises, trade shows, and causes.

Fibre Optic cables are a valuable resource for electronic transfers that are largely used by organizations, large and small, belonging to the IT & Networking Diaspora in America. And we at AnimationTech provide you high-quality cables and wires that are safe and durable, owing to their long term warranty for absolute performance.

With our wide-ranging experience in working with emerging industries and the changing needs of today’s communications & utility infrastructure, we support our customers with the core essentials of designing, architecture, and installation of various Cabling systems, suiting up to diverse applications. Therefore, you can rely on us, whether for an entire project or running complete workplace network operations on SLA. Though our focus is to empower small and medium organizations and start-ups based in Los Angeles and New York, we work extensively with Large-Scale Organisations as well, and are equipped and highly skilled to manage sizeable Cabling Solutions throughout vicinities and multiple departments within a single site.

Our specialty lies in our speed and agility, those values for your time and functionalism. In order to give you a timely, organized Cabling installation, we facilitate crucial on-site assessment and instant free quote to get started without much ado.

Simplified And Economic Resorts For Comprehensive Cabling Solutions

Whether you are basing or relocating your office, upgrading or extending, AnimationTech offers you personalized Cabling solutions ranging from Fibre Optic Cabling, Cat5 / Cat6 cabling, essential Audio and Video wiring and much more. Plus, we also provide significant solutions for cleaning up of old and refused cables—an essential task according to American building codes; it can be a cumbersome chore for organizations, especially those who have limited number of in-house staff, for System Administration. We make it a simple and economical resort for you to have all your old cabling cleared off, and ethically disposed of or recycled, giving you complete peace of mind.

We Offer Cabling Solutions For The Following
● Network Cabling, Data Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling
● Voice Wiring, Audio/Video Cabling
● Network Cabling Infrastructure Design
● Installation & Certification
● Audio Distribution, Video Distribution & Conference Table Data Systems

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