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Harnessing the latest technologies for your video editing needs.

AnimationTech will meet all of your post-production equipment and Avid rental needs in NYC! We have been assisting creative professionals since 2008 and specialize in Avid rental and IT helpdesk services. From computer monitors to iMacs, our team has all your video editing computer rentals in NYC. With AnimationTech, you have the ability to scale your team up and down on the fly. As a result, TV/Film studios, post-production companies, and creative professionals look to AnimationTech as a reliable partner for IT support and editing rental solutions.

Avid Rentals in NYC

While working on a project, you may have to expand your setup by hiring more artists or needing more machine power. AnimationTech provides all the rentals needed to implement your entire Avid NEXIS set up in NYC.

Because our rentals are in-house, extending and renting extra equipment for your setup is simple, allowing you to scale your team with ease.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your upcoming project. We equip you with all of the resources you need to see your vision come to life on the big screen.
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Avid NEXIS Pro 40TB Shared Storage System Rental

The Avid NEXIS shared storage is known for dependable, scalable, highly efficient media access, enabling workflow efficiencies that effectively help your productivity.

Adjust workspace size, performance, and security as needs change..

Post-Production Rentals in NYC to Complete Your Avid NEXIS Setup

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Workstations Rentals

AnimationTech provides you with hardware solutions that fit your needs, whether you want to modify your computer memory, storage, or video cards. Get faster CPU clock speeds, multi-GPU power, and extra storage space so your computer doesn't slow you down and helps improve your workflow's efficiency. Explore our Intel and AMD workstation rental options today.

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Apple Rentals

Get the greatest and most recently released Macs! Rent Apple’s most powerful computers to harness your team's creativity with a superfast operating system and built-in security system. The high-performance CPUs and RAM, powerful graphics, and lightning-fast storage will ensure a smooth editing experience.

AnimationTech can provide you with the latest cutting-edge technology and over the years we’ve been supplying our clients with Apple rentals such as iMacs, iMac Pros, Mac Pro Towers, MacBooks, and iPads.


Computer Monitor Rentals

Give your creative team what they deserve - the widest viewing angle with supreme picture performance. Check out our Dell, BenQ, and ASUS monitor rentals for your upcoming editing setup!


No office? No Problem. Remote Into Our Hosted Avid NEXIS Network.

If you’re short of an office or enjoy the benefits of remote work, we have rack space readily available to host a custom Avid NEXIS network, along with onsite techs waiting to manage your setup as soon as you need them.

We can provide all video editing rentals to connect to the Avid shared storage and set up a remote network in our office. All your team needs to do is to connect from home through their own computer! Every project is different and AnimationTech is dedicated to making custom solutions. Our available rack space can provide temporary or full-time service.

With a Full Hosted Avid NEXIS Network, the following rentals are provided for your whole team to remote into from home:

● 40TB Avid NEXIS Storage Server
● 40TB Backup Server (Optional)
● Switch
● Workstations or iMacs with Teradici (zero clients) or HP RGS (ZCentral)
● Rental options for video editors working from home or outside of the studio:
    ○ Windows Laptops or MacBooks
    ○ Monitors (25” – 28”)

    ○ Keyboard & Mouse

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Relocating to a new studio? Avoid Downtime

Eliminate downtime between office moves by temporarily utilizing our available rack space for hosting a network for your staff to remote into. During an office relocation, your editors will be able to work in the new studio, and if you require team members to be out of the office to pack equipment, workers may quickly transition to WFH as needed.

Or, if you want to go completely remote, you may have your own equipment hosted at our office and avoid paying an office lease.

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Network Cabling
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Welcome! If you’re new to AnimationTech and have not rented with our team before, our rental policy requires the following in order to rent our equipment:

• All new clients are required to send an account application along with their rental request. Click here to submit a quick application with your rental request.

• We require a copy of your Certificate of Insurance. Click here to view all our COI requirements and a sample COI.

• The first payment for the rental request will need to be submitted before receiving the rental equipment from our office. For our rentals, there are no credit card processing fees!

A team member receives your application and request once you click submit! We will reach out to you via email within the next business day. Please keep in mind that prices, configurations, and availability change daily.
At this time we do not offer weekly or daily rates. All our rentals have a one-month minimum rate requirement, you may return the rental sooner, but the rate will remain the same.
Depending on the location, we offer same-day or next-day delivery, shipping, or pick up at our office.

If you’re a new client and this is your first time renting with us, click here to submit a quick account application along with the rentals you’re interested in!

A team member receives your application and request once you click submit! We will reach out to you via email within the next business day. Please keep in mind that prices, configurations, and availability change daily.
No worries! You don’t need to put in a request for a rental extension. Rentals can automatically be extended for however long your team may need them. After the first month, we prorate the rental cost based on the day the rentals are returned to our office.