6 Work from Home Options for VFX Studios

VFX studios are still maneuvering COVID-19 and although vaccinations are available, minimizing risk and safety is always a priority. Your team may be in the process of returning back to the office or implementing a hybrid environment of working from home and working at the office.

If your creatives prefer to continue working from home, check out this list of 6 different solutions for remote work options and see how we can provide remote IT support for your team.

HP ZCentral Remote Boost Software

Previously known as HP Remote Graphics Software (HP RGS), this software allows for remote workstation access. HP Z Central Boost is installed and set up on an office computer known as the sender. The corresponding software is installed on a home device known as the receiver.

Once the software is installed the receiver can access the sender. With HP ZCental Remote Boost, creatives are able to edit in real-time from video editing to complex 3D images.


  1. Receiver computer (artists’ home computer) can be PC, Linux or Mac OS
  2. Multiple users can sign into the same computer simultaneously
  3. Real-time transmission of complex 3D images and video that traditional remote options struggle with
  4. Can map Wacom Tablets to sender computer from remote
  5. USB devices connected to the office computer can be accessed virtually.


  1. Sender computer can only be PC or Linux – not compatible with Mac

VPN Connection

A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your connection from your computer (or device) to a network over the internet. Through a secure connection, users can browse, download and upload files from and to your server and ensure confidential files are safely transmitted.


  1. Security! A VPN offers strong encryption for protection from hackers.
  2.  Runs on a number of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, FreeBSD, and more.


  1. Setup on the users’ end can be complex.
  2. Will need additional VPN hardware like Pfsense with OpenVPN
  3. Users cannot work directly off the server

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server

FTP is an easy way to transfer files between computers on the internet. You can access a remote computer to send and receive files.


  1. More user friendly than VPN connections
  2. Allows you to transfer multiple directories at once
  3. It’s a cost-effective solution


  1. Less secure than VPN connections
  2. Does not allow users to work off the server

Teradici Remote Setup

Teradici Remote Setup allows you to work off the server with some restraints. This usually depends on factors such as bandwidth, distance from the server, etc.


  1. Users can work off server computer
  2. More security because no data is stored
  3. Comes with an online Management Console where your IT Team can
  4. easily provide provision and manage devices


  1. Setup will require investing in hardware equipment and network configurations
  2. The performance will depend on network and internet connection
  3. Works a limited distance away from the office to the remote computer

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage costs are dependent on the amount of storage your team will need and the number of users. Cloud users can multi-task across multiple computers simultaneously.


  1. Users can work off of the server
  2. Unlimited scalability in storage capacity


  1. Moving to cloud storage is an option that will require you to fully engineer a whole new network infrastructure of the cloud.
  2. Cloud storage solutions can be costly and will require an ample amount of time for the cloud infrastructure to be engineered.

Remote Desktop Services or Applications

This is an option for staff members that do not need precision controls. With these services, they can also remote into computers to check on and push out renders through monitoring software.


  1. Can be used by staff members who don’t need precision controls
  2. Securely access servers with built-in VPN software


  1. Artists that require precise movement and quality textures will experience latency and delays
  2. Performance depends on the network and the internet connection
  3. Creates a strain on network bandwidth depending on the number of users using remote connection

Remote IT Support: Helping Creatives for Over 10 Years

As you plan to have your team work remotely, consider the following:

    1. Make sure artists or staff members that need more power than a conventional desktop have the equipment they need to work remotely.
    2. Always be in communication when it comes to emails. Confirm any transfer of sensitive information or data through a phone call, message, etc.
    3. Cybersecurity issues could occur, consider having your staff require 2-factor authentication. When you log into a shared network drive or any online accounts, it’ll require a second method to verify your identity (text you a code to enter, answer security questions, etc.).

AnimationTech can plan, set up, and deploy a remote access system for your whole team. If you need
remote IT support or need to scale up your current IT department with more IT support, contact us and let us help you find a solution.

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