5 Key Tips for Maintaining Your Workstation at Home

More creative professionals than ever before are shifting to remote work, which means they need powerful workstations at home. As with any equipment, the quality of your workstation is dependent on how often you clean and maintain it, especially against regular dust buildup and internal debris.

If you have a cat or dog at home, you’ll be surprised how easily your pet’s hair can get into your workstation along with the dust.

Let’s break down five ways you can keep your home office workstation clean and running smoothly for months or years to come.

Position Your Workstation Wisely

As any  NYC computer rental company will tell you, setting up your at-home workstation in the right place is crucial so it doesn’t get quite so dirty and so it doesn’t overheat! Specifically, place your workstation:

  • Away from other heat sources
  • Away from a window where you get a lot of sunlight
  • Off the carpet or floor, as this enables proper ventilation and prevents overheating

Use a Compressed Air Duster or Canned Air


When cleaning your workstation, open up the side of the tower and use a compressed air duster or canned air to remove dust, especially around the fans (which contribute to cooling your workstation during the day). Air is ideal for cleaning out the interior of a workstation since it doesn’t apply pressure and prevents damage to internal components.

Avoid Wiping Delicate Components

If you do need to wipe down the inside of your workstation because of embedded dirt or tougher debris, be sure to use a lint-free or microfiber cloth. Certain workstation components can become easily damaged if you apply too much pressure.

Use Electronic Cleaners Only

You may be tempted to use a potent cleaner to scrub off dirt or grime. If it’s absolutely necessary, be sure to use an electronic cleaner rather than an all-purpose or abrasive cleaner. Furthermore, be extra careful not to get moisture into any computer openings– spray the electronic cleaner on a microfiber cloth, never directly into the workstation.

ESD and Anti-Static Preventative Measures

You know when you reach for a metal door handle and get a small quick shock? That small static charge can damage electronics. We want to make sure we don’t carry any electrostatic discharge (ESD) over to workstations while cleaning it. To help prevent ESD when handling workstation parts, we can discharge possible static with the following:

  • ESD Wrist Strap – This is connected with a conductive grounding cord that wraps around your wrist and the other end is a small clip you attach to a non-painted metal part of the workstation’s case.
  • Antistatic Clothing – These garments are designed with dissipative material to help shield from charges. Look for the ESD protective symbol (as pictured below) when searching for ESD clothing.

There you have it: five tips to maintain your home office workstation to keep it clean and functioning properly. If you’re sticking with working remotely, these tips become even more important to add to your routine.


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