4-Node Server (2U)

4 Nodes in (2U) Chassis

Each Node Consists of:

  • 2 Processors of your choice
  • 64GB DDR3 Memory
  • 2 x 1Gbit Ethernet Ports
  • 1 x 500GB SATA Drive
  • Redundant Power Supplies

Additional information


6Cores~E5-2620~2.0Ghz (95W), 6Cores~E5-2620V2 ~2.1GHz (80W), 8 cores~E5-2650~2.0GHz (95W), 8 cores~E5-2650V2~2.6GHz (95W), 8 cores~E5-2660~2.2GHz (95W), 8 cores~E5-2670~2.6GHz (115W), 8 cores~E5-2690~2.9GHz (135W), 10 cores~E5-2690V2~3GHz (130W), 12 cores~E5-2695V2~2.4GHz (115W), 12 cores~E5-2697V2~2.7GHz (130W)


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